Tips for safe driving

Pay attention to the local speed limit.

It is important for all drivers to pay attention to the speed limit, as it varies depending on the area and the road. For example, according to the Road Traffic Code, in the city and in residential areas the limit is 50 km, while on highways speeds are allowed up to 80 km.
It is also necessary for drivers to check the signs related to the speed limit because it is often adjusted based on many other factors.
Finally, the speed limit in many parts of the roads, especially on main avenues, is controlled by the competent authorities via satellite and video camera.

Alcohol consumption is prohibited.

When a person is drunk, according to the Traffic Code, they are not allowed to drive, as their reflexes do not work normally, so it is very easy to cause an accident.
To avoid such incidents, breathalyzer tests are often performed by the competent officers, in an unplanned manner, at central roads.
So the limit of alcohol that a driver is allowed to consume is 0.05%. If a person consumes a larger amount of that proportion they will have to pay a fine, while if it exceeds 0.08% it is considered as a criminal offense and can be punished even with detention.

Good knowledge of traffic signals and maps.

On the occasion of the Olympic Games, Greece acquired roads and markings that met European standards.
For example, it acquired proper lighting, electronic signage as well as many signs which are not only in Greek but also English, aiming to be understood by all drivers.
“Avis Rent a Car”is offering road maps and GPS systems in order to make it easier for drivers to understand and follow the signs.


The seat belt should be the first thought by passengers as soon as they get into a rental car but also when they get into their own vehicle, as this is another measure taken for their safety.
In addition, children have to sit in their own appropriate seats. If the seats are not included in the car, Avis’s staff is always willing to offer help, provide all needed equipment, and tend to the customer’s needs.
Finally, in order to ensure that the belt is used by drivers, the Traffic Police conducts regular inspections and imposes fines on offenders.

The use of the mobile phone is prohibited.

In Greece, as in other European countries, the use of mobile phones and hands-free headphones is not allowed, as according to research it has been proven to increase the number of accidents.
The only way a driver is legally allowed to use their mobile phone is through speaker or Bluetooth.

Choose the right car for you.

Selection of the appropriate vehicle is crucial. The chosen vehicle has to meet the wishes of the customer and their comfort has to be guaranteed. This process must be done in a careful way, in order to fully ensure the customer’s safety.
In fact, the driver should look at the pictures of the vehicles as well as the descriptions of the many and different options that are offered by Avis Rent a Car.

Use of designated parking spaces.

The rental cars of the company “Avis Rent a car” as well as the private cars of the customers must be parked in the designated parking spaces, in order to not obstruct the passage vehicles.
If the cars are parked in areas where parking is prohibited, the driver will receive a call from either the Traffic Police or the Local Authority, if it is located in a provincial area. There is also a big possibility the officers will either remove the plates or remove the vehicle with a crane from the restricted area.

Knowledge of the emergency number.

As in all European countries, so in Greece the emergency number is 112, which is free of charge from all devices.

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