Our Company

Who are we?  

In Mr. Royal Travel we are a Greek car rental company, with the main purpose to give our customers a comfortable and enjoyable trip.
Our goal is to respond in the best possible way to the needs of our customers, in order for them to easily and effortlessly find the car they always wanted at an affordable price.
Based in Athens and the island of Mykonos, we offer many options of picking up and returning the vehicle, providing our customers the best possible services.

Want to know more about the services we offer?

About the service… In Mr. Royal Travel we never leave you alone, on the contrary our call center provides 24-hour service on a daily basis. Our goal is to help you choose not only the right car for you but also to answer any questions or problems that you may have after or before renting the vehicle. Before you decide whether to complete the car rental in our company, we inform you about all the information you wish to know, without hiding the slightest detail, to help you make a conscious choice. No extra charges… The most important characteristic of Mr. Royal Travel, is that our customers do not have to pay extra charges and insurance in the final stage of renting the vehicle. On the contrary, customers pay the money that we agreed from the beginning and there is no possibility of it increasing. In fact, the prices of rental vehicles are affordable for all our customers, since the company’s goal is to leave no one complaining. About rental cars… Our company includes the best and most modern car models, which are also constantly updated. In Mr. Royal Travel we comply with all European standards for rental cars, especially those related to passenger and driver safety. So, we promise you a pleasant and comfortable trip, during which you do not have to worry about anything related to the condition of the car, because it has been checked by our staff before you receive it.

In conclusion,

We are a company that you can trust, because we work hard in order for our customers to be completely satisfied with not only the car they will rent but also with the service they will receive from our specialized staff. Finally, Mr. Royal Travel offers the ultimate car rental package, with the very good prices and the wide variety of cars we have.